Tools of the Trade (Live Webinar Replay)

After 20 years of experience, I know what works and what doesn't.  Listen to the live replay and learn about the business tools that I use to promote Sandi Spells Design and the productivity tools that I use to make my fabulous invitations. As a bonus, Ken McNealey of McNealey Printing Associates will share printing tips and tools. There will also be a $150 Amazon gift card giveaway.

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  1. Business Tools and Apps to help automate and delegate to increase efficiency in your stationery business
  2. Productivity and Design Tools to assist with invitation production
  3. Popular Photography Apps and Filters to assist with social media posts
  4. Popular Podcasts and Booksfor entrepreneurs
  5. Printing Tips and Tools 
  6. $150 Amazon gift card giveaway and Resourcesurprises during the live webinar
  7. Q&A Sessioncx