AOS Society (1 Year) VIP Membership Upgrade

This is a 1 year (VIP) membership to the AOS Society.  At the end of 1 year you must renew this membership.  A renewal notice will be emailed 30 days before the end of membership.  Upgrade from Basic Plan to VIP

Basic Membership Includes: 

  • Online Masterclasses
  • Online Tutorials 
  • Market Place Access
  • Vendor Spotlight
  • Member Spotlight
  • Business Templates 
  • One on One Consulting (additional cost after 1hr)
  • How They Do That?
  • Stationery Trends
  • Newsletter
  • FAQ's            


  • $300 off Annual Workshop (Early Bird and General Price)
  • 1hr Consulting with Sandi and Ken via Phone/Virtual ($300 Value)
  • VIP Masterclass with Ola of Ijorere
  • FREE Business Templates Downloads 

This membership starts in January 2019.....and ends January 31st 2020.  Access ID to NEW website and Schedule will be emailed at the beginning of January.