October 18-20, 2018 - Atlanta, Georgia

The first of it's kind.  The Art of Stationery brings together stationers and event professionals from all around the world to Atlanta, Georgia for three days to learn, share and grow together.  Attendees learn from top stationery designers, gain hands on experience through workshops and take away valuable business knowledge from industry experts.  Come join "The Creatives" in 2018.

2017 The Art of Stationery Workshop "Behind The Scenes"

2017 Workshop was a blast! This year's theme was called "Behind the Scenes" and boy did we go behind the scenes.  The attendees had a chance to visit Sam Flax Art and Design Store, and a manufacturer of quality dies for the printing, Packaging, gasket and graphic arts industries.

Donna of "Mademoiselle D"

I've been to several workshops but none were comparable to Sandi Spell's "The Art of Stationery". Since my first participation in 2016, my sales have doubled. Not only did they double but more people in the event planning industry recognize my work! 


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